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Welcome to The Barn – Tea Green, where dreams of a perfect wedding come to life. Nestled in the Hertfordshire countryside our exquisite venue offers a magical setting for couples seeking a truly unforgettable celebration. Our commitment to creating timeless memories and attention to detail make us the perfect choice for your special day.

Our venue is situated in the midst of nature’s beauty, surrounded by lush rolling countryside, picturesque landscapes. The stunning backdrop ensures a breath taking setting for your wedding ceremony and reception. The Barn – Tea Green boasts a rustic yet elegant modern barn that exudes charm and character with its exposed wooden beams, high ceilings, and warm ambiance, it’s the perfect canvas for creating the wedding of your dreams.

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As you approach this rural haven, a winding, tree-lined lane leads you to the heart of the Tea Green, revealing a stunning landscape that captures the essence of English countryside romance. The sprawling green pastures, surrounded by gently rolling corn fields and bordered by vibrant wildflowers, offer an enchanting backdrop for outdoor ceremonies and photographs. The barn’s exterior, acbrned with climbing ivy and delicate fairy lights, sets the stage for a whimsical, fairytale-like celebration under the open skies.

Stepping inside, the interior of the barn beckons with its inviting and cosy ambiance. The soft, natural light filtering through the large, windows bathes the space in a warm and inviting glow. Handcrafted wooden tables and vintage-inspired decor create an atmosphere that is simultaneously rustic and refined, making it an ideal canvas for any wedding theme or style. The barn’s expansive design ensures ample room for guests to dine and dance, all while taking in the breath-taking views of the countryside through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

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Celebrate life’s special moments at The Barn Tea Green, the ultimate weddings and conference venue. Whether it’s a joyous birthday bash, a heartwarming christening, a delightful baby shower, a festive Christmas party, a romantic engagement celebration, or a vibrant Mendhi party, our rustic yet elegant setting provides the perfect backdrop for your cherished events. With its charming ambiance, spacious halls, and beautiful surroundings, The Barn offers a versatile space to tailor your celebration to perfection. Our dedicated team ensures seamless planning, leaving you free to savor every moment. Elevate your milestones at The Barn Tea Green, where memories blossom and celebrations flourish.

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